SOPL is committed to technology development and innovation in the markets we serve. Research and technology provides a foundation for SOPL Chemicals’ success and is a source of competitive advantage.  Through the diversity of our research and technology sites, we are able to create value for our customers that is unique to our products.
SOPL  Technology group employs more than three hundred highly skilled and trained individuals, with broad educational and cultural backgrounds and with extensive professional experience in the olefins, polyolefins, styrenics and pipeline industries. We know technology is fundamental to maximizing the value of both our customers’ and our own businesses and so are fully committed to maintaining world-class personnel and research facilities. With our constant quest for excellence, technology, whether acquired outside the company or developed within, plays a crucial role in propelling us beyond the competition.
​By continually advancing our technology, we can: 

Develop Products: Leveraging our technology and experience helps
us to develop new products for our customers, providing the solutions customers need to advance their business.
Tailor Products: Our customers often require unique properties from our products. We’ve found that by working closely with them, we’re able to adjust or tailor our products specifically to their needs.
Improve Products and Processes: We direct much of our energy toward improving the products we provide and the processes we use to make them. With focused effort we strive to do it faster, better, less expensively and safely.

Develop Applications: In many cases, we can save customers money and help them improve their end products through the development of innovative applications using our resins. We work very closely with customers to combine our collective expertise to design and implement new or better applications.