SOPL’s strength lies in its excellence in Global Manufacturing Capabilities, With 8 manufacturing plants, 8 application support labs and over 15 offices spread across  Five continents with 110 distributors and stock points located across the globe, which ensures our customers get a ready supply of finished material, in any conceivable quantity. We have one of the world’s largest facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment backed by cutting edge technologies. Strict adherence to international Manufacturing norms ensures global standardized process resulting in products that meet exacting scrutiny and consistency.With one of the world’s single largest Food color manufacturing plant, we are able to provide the best coloring solutions in a vast range of applications. Product quality is ascertained at every stage in the manufacturing process, from raw materials that are quality tested, to the processing, handling and storage of the finished form. R&D, technical and application teams that operate in conjunction with the on-line process result in delivering the optimum output. Safety, Pollution Control, Constant Technical up gradation, and streamlined process controls are keys to our manufacturing policies. These help in maximizing our product concept.